Causes of Intellectual Disabilities

If a person suffers from any health problem, there must be a reason behind it. It is possible that he had inherited his illness or disease from his parents. In other words, there was a problem with his genes while he is still in his mother’s womb. Aside from an illness or disease, a person can also suffer from a mental or intellectual disorder. A child should be taken care of well by his parents. And parents need to observe carefully the behavior of their child.

Some children are very active while others are very passive, shy, silent, etc. There are also those who are very hyperactive. A child behaves depending on how his genes was developed while he is still inside his mother’s womb during pregnancy. Even if a child’s parents look normal, it is usually unexpected that a child suffers from a disability from the time he is born. Intellectual disability is not easily observed while a child is still a baby. It can be observed from a child’s preschool years.

Here are some of the possible problems that can cause an intellectual disability. One is that a baby might have received genes from one of his parents that are abnormal. When a mother is carrying a baby in her womb, if she get sick during pregnancy, it probably caused harm to the baby. If a child is  born too early called a premature baby, it could also be a strong cause of intellectual disability. These are some of the reasons or causes.